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Who is this service designed for?

Honest Herb was created to help anyone with questions about cannabis get the answers they seek. It is for people who wonder if cannabis could benefit them, for people who seek solutions for health and wellness, for people who want to hone in their cannabis experiences, for people interested in studying or reading others’ studies of cannabis, for people who want to be knowledgeable about the changing regulations in their area, and for people who simply want to understand cannabis better as it becomes more available in their communities. Our goal at Honest Herb, is simply to be the most helpful resource for cannabis information. So, ask us anything – basic or nuanced – and our cannabis advisors will do their very best to get you the information that you seek, with whatever depth of information you’d like.

What kinds of questions do people typically ask?

Many people have questions about how or if cannabis can be used for a specific goal, like providing relief for a medical condition, getting to sleep or reducing pain without feeling “high.” People ask us how to choose products, where to get them, what to expect, and what the laws are. Whatever you ask, your cannabis advisor will do their best to give you a helpful answer that is based on education, experience, and information pulled from outside studies and research.

Will my questions and information stay private?

We care about your privacy and have a variety of data privacy measures in place. Please read our privacy policy for details. Also, please know that the entire service is set up so that you can ask questions without providing personal information or health information. For example, we can answer questions about cannabis use for a specific condition without you telling us who (or if) you are asking for yourself or telling us your medical history. We don’t need your personal details in order to answer your questions; you can tell your cannabis advisor what you are comfortable with and what you want them to know in order to answer your questions. Also, you can use any email address you want. Feel free to set one up just for this service if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Who are the experts?

The cannabis advisors who answer questions via Honest Herb have various backgrounds and many have experience and backgrounds in operations and management of dispensaries, in the medical field, in growing operations and in cannabis education. We’ll match you with a cannabis advisor, but you’ll see their bio and background and it will be up to you who you choose to communicate with. Most of the cannabis advisors have their own very personal stories that have led them to care deeply about educating and helping others to find the ways they can benefit from cannabis use. The stories they share about how cannabis use has changed lives for the better are inspiring. Ask them!

Can you recommend marijuana strains for me?

It’s tricky to do so because people respond differently to marijuana and there’s no way sure way to determine how you’ll like or react to one strain or product over another. Also, the same strain grown by a different person or operation will have variations. That being said, the cannabis advisors available through Honest Herb are experienced in helping to guide people’s choices and can suggest strains, products, and methods that they think you could try in order to get the experience you are looking for out of marijuana use. They are really, very good at helping people navigate the options, which is why we can provide this great service.

What if the expert can't answer my questions?

The cannabis advisors are all very knowledgeable, and also do their own research to provide up-to-date helpful answers. If they can’t answer a question for any reason, they are instructed to let you know. Sometimes, they will recommend that you talk with a different cannabis advisor if there’s someone with more specific expertise available that could be more helpful to you. Our goal is to help you, and we, the Honest Herb team, are committed to making sure that happens. If for any reason you have concerns, feedback or are unsatisfied, reach out to us immediately, so we can fix the problem: We care deeply about providing a productive, helpful service and we want you to be so happy that you talk about us to your friends and family and give us a chance to help them too.

Can I ask questions even though marijuana isn't legal where I live?

Our service simply provides information about marijuana use, but you must be 21 to access our site. We hope that your state will legalize marijuana soon, but in the meantime, you are welcome to inquire about recreational or medicinal marijuana use and have your questions answered. We don’t sell marijuana. We provide helpful information, expertise and resources.

Can I purchase marijuana through Honest Herb?

No. We don’t sell or coordinate the sale of any cannabis products. We can, however, help you find dispensaries or delivery services near you, and help you locate specific strains or products you want. We can also teach you about dispensary etiquette, what to ask for, what to look for, and how to make your purchases. Basically, we can (figuratively) hold your hand through the process, but we can’t actually sell you any cannabis products or make any cannabis purchases on your behalf.

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